Career Vision by Jamie

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Below is a sample listing for the most popular workshop for three different audiences.

Each workshop is customizable to meet the needs of your students, clients,

patrons, or staff as well as your time allocation and budget.  I am also available for consulting and product development.  For more information, please contact Jamie at: 

High School Students/ College Students/ Parents

Job Seekers/ Career Changers/  Re-entry Workers

Educators, Career Counselors, Job Coaches, Program Administrators

Motivational talk about getting started in life by being deliberate and making good choices about jobs, school, majors, friends, impression management, volunteer work, experiences, life choices, resumes, interviews, etc. Also details how lack of exposure results in lack of choices and how career education is taught in America and what families can do to counter what they have been taught. Strategies for parents and students about how to make the most out of high school to prepare for college, explore careers, and discovering the “I AM” in order to make high school a fun, engaging, and a educational experience that leads to career discovery and motivates students to take control of their future.

Additional Workshops

*  Building a Resume with Nothing

*  Getting your First Job

*  How to travel the world for free while gaining valuable resume skills

*  Choosing a Major/ College

*  Using Technology to build your Resume

*  Embracing your Work Allergies

*  Summer before Senior Year

*  Work can be fun

*  Ways not to work for Minimum Wage

*  Jobs in ........ (choose a topic)

Additional Services

*  Career Vision Field Trips

*  Career Counseling Appointments

*  Major and College Mapping

This workshop provides out-of-the-box, innovative, and imaginative ideas that turn the job search from reactive to proactive and puts the job seeker or career changer in the driver’s seat to finally “GET” not “HAVE” to go to work. Participants embark on an uplifting, motivational and thought-provoking journey to:

• Expand their job search using library resources

• Analyze job descriptions and discover new career paths

• Customize a resume that represents what they can do for a

potential employer

• Identify their work allergies and learn to avoid them

• Create an experience matrix and regain control of the interview

• Discover new degrees and course offerings

  • Etc. 

Additional Workshops

*  Employment Bootcamp

*  Proactive Job Searching

*  Using Reference USA and A-Z database to expand your job search

*  Using your brain to increase your Resume

*  Interviewing with Confidence

*  Finding your Passion

*  Where life and Work Collide

*  Serving through Work

*  Retired, Working, and Traveling

Additional Services

*  Career Counseling Appointments

*  Proactive Job Searching

Your students and clients rely on you to steer them in a diction that is right for them because they can only become what you expose them.  If your exposure is low, this workshop will help you learn to see the world of work differently, uncover hidden job markets, colleges, and employers, and aspire to motivate your students in ways you never imagined before.  Also if you are not using the data you collect cyclically meaning you collect it, report it, and repeat, learn how you can use the data to fuel client service mapping everything your local geographic area using a variety of tools.

Additional Workshops

*  Staff Inservice on Career Vision

 *  Candy Bar Leadership

*  Using Reference USA and A-Z database to assist your clients in their job search

*  Expanding your Career Knowledge

*  Integrating Early Career Education into Curriculum

Additional Services

*  Local Service, Education, and Employment Mapping

*  Facebook/ List serve Resource Management

*  Client Interest Mapping

*  Conference Keynotes

“Inspirational! Helped me to realize my true value and gave me skills to utilize in creative application of my skills in job searching.”
“I am a Job Placement Counselor who attended the workshop to improve job search advice to clients, so I have used the information provided to support the workshops and techniques I already taught. I wish a lot more job searchers had attended; I think Jamie’s approach is empowering.”

“This program is excellent and people really enjoyed the information she had to offer. I am hoping to attend another when she comes to my area again.”

“That workshop was not just about finding a job for me; it was a truly eyeopening experience”.

“I love this program it is great. It has helped me to expand my outlook on possible jobs. I am a firm believer in loving what you do as far as career. This should be adopted by our high schools it would really help out our college bound teens.”
“For so long in my job search I have felt boxed in, unable to really find what I want to do, but after this workshop I feel qualified and like the walls were torn down to be able to apply freely at what I want to be doing. If that makes sense… Thank you!”

“Jamie did a great job today! Love what she is teaching and I cannot wait to apply all that I have learned today to my life and the kids I educate and teach.”
This is a great workshop for jobseekers who need a burst of encouragement. It is positive and the presenter takes a unique approach to job hunting.”

“Debunks myths about job searching and applying for jobs! It was so helpful.”
“This seminar offers a alternative and refreshing approach in helping you find your dream job. She’s inspirational, funny, but most of all Jamie really cares about people and the quest for the perfect career”.
“I will be returning a second time because my brain is about to explode with possibility.  It is so exciting and to think when I walked in and saw this lady, I had very low expectations.  Those expectations were FAR surpassed.”

” A wonderful workshop, I am telling all my friends and family and I will be back”.Many more available upon request as are professional references."