by Jamie

Jamie Beck, MS

Jamie Beck, is a former CSU Career Counselor and has a Master’s Degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Macrolevel Social Systems and a concentration in Family and Work. Career Vision has been reshaping the way job seekers fundamentally conceptualize, search, and apply for work throughout Southern California for the past 5 years at high schools, group homes, colleges, universities, community based organizations, conferences, and in public libraries. She now offers Live online workshops as well!

Career Vision is founded on the concept that “you can only become what you know exists” and Beck aims to not only expose how poorly our first 18 years of life prepared us for choosing a career, but how current and future job searches will continue to be plagued by what we we have yet to be exposed to.

Through her innovative strategies, creative analogies, rocket science common sense, and questioning of the societal “THEY’S”, Beck provides a refreshing look at an age old problem of going to work for a paycheck, living for the weekend, and Monday morning anxiety.

Traditional Career Counselors and Workforce Professionals are often leery of her techniques, but find themselves taking notes frantically as they participate and watch job seekers, students, and career changers willingly sit through 6 hours of lecture laughing, crying, and identifying with the concepts addressed.

Beck speaks off the cusp, shares her personal stories, failures, and experiences, and never claims to be an expert, which leaves participants in the position to be their own “They”, make their own rules, and be the person who can take control of their lives and change their resume, situation, and future.  Audiences identify with her honesty, candid and raw material, and feel safe talking about their past and current realities as they connect, identify with, and explore Career Vision.

Career Vision has been funded by the United States Institute of Museums and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian. As a result 50 workshops reached 1,500 students, veterans, job seekers, career changers, and workforce professionals in three Southern California Counties. Currently Jamie consults with a variety of High Schools, Charter Schools, Native American Programs, Libraries, and Colleges to bring Career Exposure to the next generation!


Jamie lives in Central California and her two young children serve as her muse while she strives to teach them 32,850 jobs by the time they turn 18 through innovative home school projects and daily living so they can truly become what they know exists and “get” to go to work. Her 10 year old daughter Mia currently earns up to $80 an hour in some of her part time businesses and she has a resume over 10 pages long.  Mia also teaches her own classes through City Parks and Recreation and the Library locally with kids and adults alike enrolled.  She wants to open the largest mall in the world, design a multistory limousine, foster cats, and be a part of a Broadway show in some fashion or another. Brett, 6, is busy earning tips hula hooping on the pier and wants to be a bunny sitter and a lego kit designer when he is older.

Lisa Michelle, Certified Wrap and MI Trainer

Lisa Michelle addresses broken systems, creating innovative, cutting-edge approaches to engage and promote the well-being of individuals experiencing high barriers to stability. She brings 5 years of experience in transformational coaching and 2 years’ experience training service providers in the evidence-based practices of Motivational Interviewing and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

She is committed to training practitioners in MI and WRAP, two evidence-based practices recognized to generate increased results for the client as well as improve program outcomes. Lisa facilitates staff and client learning by establishing trust, active listening, discovery and inquiry, and working with practitioners to effectively improve their relational style. As client-centered engagements that emphasizes MI have been shown to outperform traditional persuasion strategies (such as education, advice-giving, and confrontation) for stimulating sustainable behavior change, Lisa gets improved program results, by simultaneously practicing MI principles with program service providers and enhancing the MI skillset of the service provider. This system incorporates accountability and progress management, ensuring staff and client success while assisting individuals in discovering their untapped personal power. With this renewed sense of personal power, clients are able to tackle their toughest challenges and achieve their desired results. Lisa has partnered with Career Vision to help align Career Vision techniques and practices with MI and WRAP and has served in an advisory role since 2016 often co- leading workshops for teens, young adults, and the unemployed. Coupled with her techniques, Career Vision creates a holistic model for change in both the organization and the client.