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Career Vision Check Up


Take a 30 minute open ended questioneer that is currated with questions to help us get to know you, your interests and passions, and then we will pull together a resource list for you that includes information that may include information on: Jobs, Resume Building Opportunities, Expereinces, Travel Opportunities,  Entreprenuership Ideas, College Degrees, training programs, certificates, etc.   We may follow up with additional questions as they arrise, but the email will be packed with links and suggestions to help you get started exporing unchartered waters related to what you may not hhave known existed! This is not your standard computerized asessment, this is us getting to know you, and helping you cultivate resources to guide you towards your next step! Once the assessment is completed please allow up to two weeks to receive your customized email full of relevant ideas.  Recommended for ages 21+ (otherwise do the Brain Sort version or email me to see which one you should do).  You will also recieve the How to Travel the World for Free Guide and a Career Vision Manual.

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