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Toddler Pit Dino Dig: 7/23



The dino dig is back, but with a lot of changes to ensure the best experience for all ages! Kids under 4 will still be in their own area and can dig with parents to find plastic dinos, plastic skeletons, balls, plastic bugs, beach toys, prize eggs, snacks, and much more. Be sure to tell us what your kiddos want to find and we will bury more of those things. Parents and toddlers are only allowed in this area. All other kids will be in individual or family pits to find rocks, gems, minerals, geodes, arrowheads, and other specimens. If you want your toddler to dig up these things, they will not be in the toddler pit, you will need to buy an individual or family pit. Just like a real archeology dig, you have to DIG......there is no guarantee that all children will find the same amount of things in the same amount of time, but we will be hiding over 20 items per toddler so in theory, each child should go home with 20 things but some may find more and some may find less. Families are encouraged to be kind and ensure a pleasant experience for all. We will send DETAILED instruction and a waiver in July via email but all families will be asked to bring their own bucket, plastic shovel, hats, water, and snacks. While the dig is from 11-3, since this is a shared pit you will want to arrive and be ready to start at 11 so you don't miss out. We accept Paypal only at this time but may become an Inspire vendor in the future for this activity. Because we pre- purchase supplies, we are unable to issue you a refund if you are unable to attend. We will keep a waitlist of other families once we are full that you can contact to see if they would like to take your place if you are unable to attend.  You will also recieve an electronic guide to careers with dinosaurs and rocks to help your kiddo explore their passions!


How old is your child and what things are they most excited to dig for? (plastic dinosaurs, plastic skeletons, plastic bugs, balls, beach toys, snacks, prize eggs, etc.)

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