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Give your kids an experience this christmas that will far outlast the toys.  Let them dig up real rocks in real dirt and take them home to disocver their names as they start their first or add to their growing rock collection

We have held these in the past at Oceano Dunes and it was a blast......but a bit too chaotic, hot, and the rocks sink so now the dig will be held at Strother Park in Arroyo Grande in the shade and where you can do a proper excavation. While it may not appear to be many rocks if you go to Amazon and search rock kits, you will get to dig up twice as much as you get from a national geographic plaster kit you buy online for the same price.

If you have very specific dates in mind, please email us prior to ordering  to see if we are available to set up a dig otherwise if you are flexiable..... you can order and then email us for dig dates and times that may work best for you, we are fairly flexiable and offer both weekday, evening, and weekend digs.  Once you order all the instructions (what to bring, how it works, links to the rock guide, links to the career guide, etc.) will be sent to you via email. The most important thing to note is that the pictures shown are what a typical pit looks like (plus 4 plastic dinosaurs).

We have carefully currated all the rocks and they are awesome. Please do note though.....if you have three kids digging in the pit, they will not ALL find an agate, geode, arrowhead, etc. You will need to get 3 pits if you want them to all find the same rocks. We will not have extra rocks available to hide or purchase to make things fair so please note this going into the dig and talk to your kids about sharing and how in real life, treasure hunting is never fair!

When you register if you tell us the age and number of children digging in your pit it will help us plan how big and deep to make it.

Questions prior to registering, email


If you want to use your funds, just send this link on the enrichment center "product" request. We can be found under products as Career Vision by Jamie and our ID is 2042.  Once they process your request I will reach out to you to schedule a private dig that works for you and your family.  You do not need to book a date listed when you send in your product request to Inspire.  You are paying for the rocks and we only meet you at the location to give you the plot you purchased. This is not considered an event or a service, so please process it under product.  Questions, email us.

What is the best email to send information to? How many children will be digging and what are their ages?

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