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Please read all the info in the desciption

Don't want to miss all the cool free and paid opportunitites/ experiences for your child or teen? Weekly you will get a summary of things you may not know exist avaiable for your family locally in SLO County related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Opportunities will include events, workshops, classes, internships, jobs, contests, scholarships, apprentiship programs, college majors, careers, and so much more. Oppotunities for Pre-K through 12th grade will be listed.

The price is for your subscription through June 30, 2020.

By Summer of 2020, or hopefully sooner, this subscription program will expand into software where you and your child can highly customize your demographics (age/ location), interests (not just Technology but Python Programming and not just Engineering but Toy Engineering) and only recieve updates on the things you love most.

hose who enter the subscription program now at the initial phase will be grandfathered into the database being built and will recieve a 25% discount on the new subscription in Summer 2020.


We accpet Inspire funds. Simply share this link on your enrichment order as we are an approved online product vendor. Our Vendor Name is Career Vision by Jamie and our Vendor ID is 2042.

If paying through Inspire, email us as soon as you submit your request in the system and we will add you to the mailing list. You do not need to wait for your order to be approved or processed as we want you to have full access as soon as you can. Simply forward us proof of submission to get started.

We also suggest that you get a new gmail account for all the email you will recieve from us so you have all the info from us seperate and easily searchable and assessiable. We also suggest that you check it with a pencil and calendar in hand. You can write down registration dates and events or program dates and decide as things get closer if you want to participate or not. I use my monthly calendar view on my calendar to write down all the options we may want to paticipate in and then weekly we decide what our week is going to look like and only write down what we are actually aiming to do.

Finally, we ask that you do not forward every email you get from us to your friends. Please ask them to also subscribe as we are dumping a lot of time and energy into this project and we kept the cost low so everyone can afford to subscribe. It is the cost of a single coffee fo the whole year per list. Thank you!

Questions, email us at

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