by Jamie


Career Vision has a NEW speaking model.  Instead of working in isolation to find and host a speaker charging rates out of your budget in a very specific niche, collaborate with other organizations in your community to bring a single speaker with versatility to your area for a flat fee that you SHARE!  Our communities are strong when we work together and share resources. Locate your area of service, find the workshops you want, and identify other partners to reach out to in your community to begin the conversation about cost sharing!  Our speaker is willing to work back to back to meet the needs of your community and serve those who need these messages most!

“Inspirational! Helped me to realize my true value and gave me skills to utilize in creative application of my skills in job searching.”
“I am a Job Placement Counselor who attended the workshop to improve job search advice to clients, so I have used the information provided to support the workshops and techniques I already taught. I wish a lot more job searchers had attended; I think Jamie’s approach is empowering.”

“This program is excellent and people really enjoyed the information she had to offer. I am hoping to attend another when she comes to my area again.”

“That workshop was not just about finding a job for me; it was a truly eyeopening experience”.

“I love this program it is great. It has helped me to expand my outlook on possible jobs. I am a firm believer in loving what you do as far as career. This should be adopted by our high schools it would really help out our college bound teens.”
“For so long in my job search I have felt boxed in, unable to really find what I want to do, but after this workshop I feel qualified and like the walls were torn down to be able to apply freely at what I want to be doing. If that makes sense… Thank you!”