by Jamie

Career Vision is a Vendor with Valient Prep and Inspire Charter School.
Have your teen answer some questions, and you will get back 5 hours worth of hand curated resources pulled just for them based on their interests, passions, goals, and dreams to help them on their next journey.  No computer giving you a generic response about your unique teen who you spent the last 13 years educating.  Let us help you continue to think outside the box and help them find their way by exposing them to what they don't know exists!
STEP 1:  listen to a podcast that explains the theory of what I do
STEP 2:  
Place an order at your Charter School just like you would with Amazon by giving them the link or Pay on your Own.  
STEP 3:  After you place your order, send us an email and we will send you the survey for your teen to take.  No need to wait for your order to go through.
STEP 4:  When your teen is done with the assessment, send us an email.
STEP 5:  Wait for your customized email about your teen full of resources plus a being deliberate guide for parents and teens and a how to travel the world for free guide. (Allow up to 10 business days)
STEP 6:  We will submit an invoice for payment to your charter school or send you a receipt if you paid privately.
STEP 7:  Subscribe to our Facebook Page for more ideas Career Vision Minute.
Step 8:  Refer your friends and earn a $5 Gift Card to Amazon.